Metroland Media Group Commits to Forest Stewardship Council® Certified Paper.

Metroland Media Group remains committed to the environment through sustainable procurement policies and practices.  We are very pleased to have secured FSC® certified newsprint for all of our in- house newspaper print publications.

In 2013, we publicly issued our Environmental Paper Procurement Principles, developed in collaboration with our suppliers and other stakeholders.  As part of this commitment to reduce our impact on the world’s forests, we have made the decision to source FSC certified newsprint for all of our printing operations, which produce our 100+ community and daily newspapers.  

By sourcing FSC newsprint we ensure our paper meets the highest international standard of environmental excellence.  

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About FSC

FSC certification gives customers the option to choose forest products that have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. For more information, you can view the FSC website at

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