In 2013, Torstar has established Paper Procurement Principles.

Torstar is fully committed to protecting the environment in all of the many communities in which it operates. We are also committed to corporate sustainability and to putting sustainability into practice in all phases of our businesses, especially in paper purchasing and energy use.

Torstar's current environmental practices include:

• Recycling waste paper in our business offices and at our printing plants.
• Ongoing monitoring and reduction efforts in respect of electricity and gas consumption at our printing plants.
• Program of third party assessments of our environmental compliance with the various levels of governmental regulations.

Torstar has established a corporate wide environmental management structure to manage environmental matters for Torstar. This structure includes an Environmental Steering Committee comprised of senior representatives of various Torstar business units and that committee in turn has established four active sub-committees to oversee various Torstar business interests.

Torstar has also established Paper Procurement Principles. Please click on the link to see a copy: Paper Purchasing Policy

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