Torstar Printing Group plants receive award from the Recycling Council of Ontario and recognition from the Minister of the Environment

In October 2009, Metroland Media Group/TPG won another Bronze Waste Minimization Award in the business category. We are proud to share this award with all employees who continue to work towards elimination of waste and increased efficiency. This most recent award in was acknowledged in a letter from John Gerretsen, Ontario's Minister of the Environment, who congratulated us and urged us to continue our exemplary commitment to waste minimization.


Having a waste diversion rate hovering around 95% for the last ten years, we have been consistently recognized by the Recycling Council of Ontario with a succession of Waste Minimization awards spanning from 1999 to the present. By far our biggest challenge to date is increasing our diversion rate for it is already extremely high, but we will continue to monitor and engage all staff to seek out innovative ways to reduce our waste.


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